How do you create a gif

I read about using Inkscape to create/edit SVG.

Any tips on what to you use to create a gif for groov view?

Thank you.

Hi Eugene,
I like to use Photoshop to create animated gif images. I attached a screen shot that shows how I do this. First, I downloaded two svg images from our SVG Library, and then copied them into one Photoshop file, each on a unique layer (layer 1 and layer 2). (Easiest way to copy one file into another is to drag the layer from the Layers menu into the open area of the other graphic, then adjust the position if necessary.)


Then I opened the Timeline via the Windows -> Timeline menu.

Choose “Create frame animation” from the timeline window. Using the timeline window, I created a new frame (the page icon next to the trashcan icon).

Whenever you create a frame in the timeline, any changes you make to the display of the layers applies only to that frame. E.g., choose frame 1, and then hide layer 1; choose frame 2, then hide layer 2.

Next, assign a time delay for each frame. This is done by clicking the downward marker on the bottom of each frame. You can select all frames then click the marker to apply the same time delay to all, or click each individually so you give each frame a unique time delay. I choose a 1-second delay.

You can preview your animation by choosing the “forever” option in the timeline and then clicking the play arrow.

When ready to export, I choose Export -> Save to Web.

Select GIF, transparent if desired, Forever if you want to animation to run continuously. Also, depending on the color of the background where you will display the gif, you may want to change the matte color. Leave it white for a white backgroud, If on black, change this to a black color.

Then Save.

Hi John,

Thank you for informative and detailed post… And most specially, for justifying to subscribe again to Photoshop. I had it before, but I only use it about once in 6 months. So I have to unsubscribe.

Probably I will search for free version first, the idea must be the same.

There’s a free program called GIMP ( that you might want to try. I have never used it, so I can’t advise you on how it works, but I see some online tutorials that describe how to create animations with it.