How do I save a configuration to flash on an EB? - old forum post


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How do I save a configuration to flash on an EB?

Saving an I/O unit configuration to flash is very important. Until the configuration is saved into flash, the configuration is saved in RAM, which will be cleared any time the power to the unit is turned off. The best way to protect your system from losing a configuration due to an unexpected power cycle is to save the configuration to the flash on the I/O unit.

One way to save a configuration to flash is enter debug mode in PAC Control. Double-click on the I/O unit in the strategy tree. In the window that opens, click on the Information tab. Click Set under Stored Configuration (Flash EEPROM). A message will pop up saying “EEPROM written successfully” to inform you that the write was successful.

For more information about saving a configuration to Flash using PAC Manager, check out the PAC Manager User’s Guide, form #1704.