How do I move strategy variables into Excel?

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Is there any option by which we can separate out all persistent variables from the strategy file?

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What do you mean by ‘separate’?
Need a more information on what you are trying to do.

I mean Import/export variable facility from excel to PAC Control.

Use Opto tag preserve ( to separate your persistent variables and then write an excel macro to read in that text file.

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Hi Beno,

OptoTagPreserver is very important tool while upgrading the firmware and restoring the variables values. I have tested and found a very useful tool. Thanks for that.

But I am still struggling to make excel file of variables from the strategy file. When I am opening “.tagarchive” file with excel then excel is not responding.

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The OptoTagPreserve utility allows you to save the output in different formats. You need to choose the one that will make it easiest for you (xml?). I’ve only used it for firmware updates and controller replacements so I don’t know what the ultimate output is to assist any more than that.

Also, if you are familiar with PAC Display, you could create recipe files that download your persistent variables into a text file that should be simple to parse.

If optoTagPreserve is not going to work out for you, you could always use our RESTful interface to do that job.
Here is our page with code examples and video how-to with Excel.

Attached is a zip file with a very simple example of PAC Control REST to Excel. We can not provide support beyond what is on the developer website, but it should get you going in the right direction. (55.0 KB)