How do I display a value with no label in PAC Display?


I want to display a date in PAC Display. However I just want the date to show, not a text label next to it. I created a string variable in my strategy, used the Copy Date to String command and that gives me the date. I created a text field, set it to Text in From Control Engine, assigned my variable with the date in it an it works great. However I don’t want to see the label, just the date.

I’m not much of a programmer and am new to this environment but I’m used to being able to put a field on a form and assigning a variable to it. I tried just using a box but it wants a numeric variable, not a string. If I try putting a text field with no text, nothing happens (duh!). So how do I do this?




On your tag in PAC Display, edit the text and just put a single #. The # gets replaced with the string from your controller.


Perfect! Works like a champ.


Works great in PAC Display. How do I do the same thing in Groov Build? If this should be asked in the Groov forum let me know. Didn’t want to cross-post.




Exact same way.
In groov you can do something like; Date: #
Which, by the sounds of it, not what you want, you just want the date without the word date, so just plonk a # on the groov page where you want the date.
Also, in groov, add a System Device and you can get the date from there in a few different formats, save doing the work in the controller.


Thanks Ben. I wanted to clarify my setup for those who might wonder what I’m doing. I created a Modbus device in Devices and Tags which referenced an external device, not a PAC controller. I then created a tag using one of the registers in that device. When I tried to get that tag into Groov, every gadget I tried always included the tag label. I finally settled on a Text Area gadget, associated it with my tag, and put the # in the text area, per your suggestion, and now all I get is the data from my Modbus register. Works great!

Appreciate the help, as always.