How Do I Change My Strategy Name Without Wiping Out My Tags

I have a strategy which I use as a template. I also have a Groov Build for which I do the same. I did a save as to change my strategy to the new name for my current project. However, when I try to update Groov to the new strategy name I get this:

I can’t afford to lose all my tags and I can’t continue to use the old strategy name.

What do I do???



Not sure if this will work, and I would say this is not for the faint of heart, and I’m sure Opto wouldn’t support this, but if you like living on the edge:

Download DB Browser for SQL Lite
Take a backup of your groov (keep a second copy in case this all goes pear shaped)
Extract the backup (I use 7zip - extract the gzip, then untar)
Open the project.grv file in DB Browser
Go to the Browse Data tab
Open Table devices_controllers
Edit the strategyName and strategyFile columns
Click Write Changes
Recompress the project (tar then gzip)
Restore the project to the groov
As long as whatever the pacControlId’s are in the tags_controller table didn’t change when changing the name of your project, then I think this would work. I think this is why they give this warning - since a different project would have different Ids, but in your case, I think they would still be the same.

If you try this, let us know the results!

Edit: Looks like the pacControlId’s are from the ID column of the tag database - these should not have change when making a copy of the project.

Yeah, that would work.

Alternatively, if you’re ok with the strategy name appearing the same in your groov project, you can just edit the name inside the .idb.txt file. Open it up in Notepad or a similar plain text editor, find the line that looks like this:

NAME : C:\files\Software\OptoControl\ioStrategies\93\92_FsDisplay2\92_FsDisplay2.idb

And change the filename at the end to match what’s already in groov. In your case, you’d look for FDS-VinoFarmsRanch23_031618 and change it to FDS-VinoFarmsRanch11.

I know, it’s an annoying restriction. We needed something unique in those files to make sure we don’t accidentally clobber your tags with the wrong strategy, and the filename stored in them is all we really had to work with.

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Worked like a champ as usual. I’m keeping the procedure, supported or not.

Has Opto22 offered you a job yet? :wink:

I understand. Makes it difficult when you need a unique name and your using one strategy as a template. But the good news is that Philip’s procedure works so I’m good.

Almost won’t ever change. We found out the hard way that switching a strategy between standalone and redundant mode will reassign every tag id in there. Had a user who took his strategy home to work on it overnight and ended up clobbering it that way. :scream: