How Can groov Get Excel or SQL Server Data?

Is there a way for a groov box to obtain and use data from an Excel spreadsheet or a SQL Server (or MS Access) table?

Yes. Using KepserverEX you can connect to an SQL server and do a select statement and have the data returned to groov.

I have not done it to an Excel spreadsheet, but don’t think that it would un-doable. I’m not very experienced with Excel, but from a high level, KepserverEX should be able to get data in and out… It seems pretty flexible in its connection options.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the reply. Which groov box would be required for this, a Groov-AR1 or a Groov-AR1-SNAP?

This would help solve our next update we are planning; a groov box would display both SCADA (PAC controllers) data and lab data (in Excel and SQL) on an LED TV for the Operators use.

OK, thanks.