Horizontal alignment of value gadgets

Value gadget - pick your color, only get left alignment.
Text gadget - one color choice and only bold - but can be horizontally aligned.


Are these my only options?

Use two gadgets where you’re using one currently. For example, a Line Header without an underline and a Value gadget with no label and an Unlimited field width. Then just line them up however you like.

This is one place where I’d argue we got the initial set of gadgets wrong. The Line Header gadget should have just been a Label, Value gadgets, Checkboxes, and LEDs shouldn’t have had labels attached to them.

Those are two gadgets - the label is a separate gadget (text gadget currently - line header would work too).

My issue is with the data not being lined up on the gadgets displaying the number - I need the decimal places to line up vertically (right aligned). I can do this with the text gadget, but not with the value gadget since there is no horizontal alignment option on it.

Ah, I see the problem there. I don’t have a good solution in that case, sorry. :-/

I’d like to see a Center align someday as well… Can we at least get a smaller grid to facilitate more precise alignment?