HMI error messages "No String Resource"

Hello everyone,
Im reaching out to see if I could get some guidance on a couple errors that we are recieving once we run a particular strategy.

The first error is “No String Resource Found for ID -1”

The second is “Bad String From Control Engine (Zero-Length) using Default file name”

Can someone point me in a direction to resolve these two messages?

Also we’ve had a few people come and go who’ve edited strategies without any kind of documentation and occasionally it results in issues. How do you guys manage strategy changes in the field? I think sometimes its a little too easy to make changes on the fly which is great when you need to make a change but not so great when you have to manage changes. I would like to start getting a better handle on what changes are being made and why so I thought I would ask to see what others do if anything.

Just to be clear, you are seeing these messages in Pac Display?
Can you get a screen shot of them?

Sorry for the delay. Yest this is when we start the strategy in pac display

The error in the error log didnt display in the second screen shot. Let me see if I can get a pic.

Ok, thanks for that.
Looks like a controller has been deleted or badly modified and that is causing the error.
Please reach out to support; They should be able to start to get things sorted with your project.

Thanks for the response. Which brings me to my next issue, how do people control editing of strategies or change management in the field? We have had people come and go with varying levels of proficiency editing strategies without documentation.