Hide Title bar in Groov view

Is there a way to Hide the title bar from certain users?

Sorry, no, not at this time. It’s all or nothing. There is no per user setting.

You can, however, hide the Page menu on the left to keep people from navigating away. It’s in Project Settings, under the groov View Styling section:


Yeah I took those away, but they still see the “Events” bell and the “Settings” gear.

Is it per page? or anyway to remove it completely?

Is there a way to remove it completely from a page?

Has any work been done towards this, the ability to ‘Hide the Title Bar’ in the recent Groov updates? If not, is it on the Groov ‘wish list’?

Thanks, Dave

It’s not something we’re planning on at the moment. Kinda breaks navigation for the whole app if we hide it. :slight_smile:

I know early on Opto made some ‘custom’ mod’s to our application, this was before EPIC. It was for the same reason, to keep the user from accessing ‘Groov Build’. In our applications, the user does not perform these functions. I don’t think Opto is open to that at this point.

Would there be a way for us to add & cover it with a ‘bar’ of a solid color? Maybe make those ‘tools’ smaller? Are these hidden in ‘Kiosk’ view mode? Just looking for alternatives.

Thanks, Dave

If you sign in as an Operator or Kiosk level user, you get different menus. For operators:

And kiosk users:

Yes, I saw this. We’ve used that mode before. Not perfect, but maybe workable. We’ll come up with something

Thanks, Dave