Hide groov title bar

Is there a way to hide the groov title bar only on certain pages? Also, is there some sort of "drop-down page navigation? I know about the page links, but I do not want to clutter the display with links.

Um… All I am going to say is make sure you are signed up to OptoNews, or announcements from groov.com

(Regarding drop down navigation, what do you mean? The top left three bars have a drop down list of all your pages and categories for each user, why is that not working for you?)

Those do work, but if the title bar is hidden, then those are as well. Also, what I want is to put together specific page links from other pages. ie. from page 1 a user could access 2,4,5, and from page 3 access 1,2,5,6 etc. Some of my pages don’t have room to stack multiple links. My goal for most pages is to display everything necessary without any scrolling.

In that case, would it help if you could make objects and text smaller?

No, I can’t make things smaller. They still need to legible and accessible.

Ahhhhh. Now I see…
Thanks a heap for the screen shot, totally makes sense what you mention about the page navigation gadget now…
Ok… thinking about how to present it to the engineers…

This would help control the process order of things somewhat.