Help files

Wasn’t sure of appropriate place to ask this.
I’d like to put the PAC Control Help on my iphone to read on the bus etc.
Is that possible or is there an equivalent pdf (preferred) that would be best for studying PAC programming etc?
Thanks, Dana_

Hello Dana,

Welcome to the OptoForums! I’d start with from 1701, the PAC Control Command Reference (click here). When you click the red “Download” button, that’ll get you the PDF.

Also on that page, below under “Related Documents” you’ll see form 1700, the PAC Control User’s Guide and [URL=“”]form 1703, the PAC Control Commands Quick Reference. Ben especially likes that quick reference and might even have it tattooed on his back. :wink:

Happy Reading!

Hi Dana,

Yes, welcome to the forums.

In the spirit of trying to have more than one way to do pretty much anything, let me throw this one over the fence…

This free service turns your attachments on emails into PDF’s.
Could be handy to bookmark even if you don’t need it for Opto manuals.



P.S. As for tattooing it on my back… not much good there… you cant see it!