Having problems with Wireless on SNAP PAC S-SERIES

I am new to OptoForums and i have a few problems. One is i had my opto 22 system up and running with my PAC S-SERIES. it was communicating no problems until i tryed setting it up for wireless communications. Once it was set up for wireless the PAC controller reset then stopped communicating but i can still ping it with the ethernet (Wired) as well as reciveing error code -10038 as well as the STAT light blinks 8 red times. I have tryed to look up the blink code and there is no blink code for 8 blinks in my manual. Im starting to think that i might need to do a factory reset to SNAP PAC S-SERIES.

Please help

Hi Mark IT,

Welcome to the Forums.
For straight up trouble issues like this I suggest you email support@opto22.com.
They have the gear and resources on hand to help you get up and running asap.
The Forums are more for exchanging ideas and such.
Support is free, and they will give you a tracking number so you can track your issue throughout the whole process.


forgive me if i am wrong here, but don’t all network interfaces (eth0, eth1 and wifi) need a different subnet?? if your wifi is the same subnet as the hardwired interface, this will cause problems?

Mark IT, did you resolve your issue? could you pls post what the problem was (just in case another forum dwelller runs into the same problem).