Handheld vs tablet display

I see all the gadgets that I drag into tablet display also appear in handheld display in groov view configure can disable this so I can have a different display on my tablet then iPhone?

In short. Yes.
groov View allows you to lay out the page for either landscape or portrait (in a 'round about way).
groov will switch between the views based on the browser view port size. It is a little fuzzy as to exactly when it will switch, but it is around the 6 inch mark.
Having both views in groov View Build mode allows you set each view up exactly the way you want.
I often use the stash area and put a lot of ‘extra’ gadgets from the tablet view out of the way and keep the phone view very slick and clean.
That said, a lot of our customers claim they are never going to use a phone with their groov projects, so simply don’t bother laying the phone view and let the gadgets just pile up on the page.

We display the handheld view if:

  1. The browser’s user agent string contains the word “mobile” and does not contain the word “iPad”, or
  2. The browser viewport is less than or equal to 480 pixels.

Otherwise we display the desktop view.

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Until the customer see’s the mobile version and wants it working :slight_smile:
The joy of separating and then placing those piled up gadgets is something to be desired.
The little bit of effort to place each gadget after an add in the mobile page goes a long way… Just a tip from many hours of frustration on my side.

Perhaps an option for each page “Never display mobile page” would be nice for those customers that don’t want to pay us to layout a second page, but still occasionally want to use their phones to check on something would be a good feature to have.

Don’t forget that most browser’s have the option to display the “desktop” version of a web page, not very useful for a small phone but for a tablet.