Handheld vs. Desktop – what if I want different gadgets on each?

UPDATE: This “trick” is no longer relevant in groov versions R2.2a or newer – see notes on the Stash area in follow-up posts

Hi All,

While putting together a groov Page for a Learning Center demo, I found that I needed a slightly different set of gadgets for my Handheld layout vs. the bigger Desktop & Tablet.

Specifically, on the Desktop layout, I had enough room to label parts of my video image like this (with FOUR overlapping Text Area gadgets, each with its own centered text):

Yet on the Handheld layout, there just wasn’t enough room for four, so I used ONE, like this:

So what happens to the extras you don’t need? The ONE shown here (which I used on the handheld but didn’t need for the Desktop layout) can be hidden behind a larger gadget.

Just right-click then choose “Send To Back”:

Ditto for those the four too-big gadgets in the Handheld version. Don’t have a gadget big enough to hide all that? I’ve used a Text Area with just one space in it to cover unneeded gadgets.

Here’s how it looked for the Desktop (with the smaller single label hidden, and the 4 larger labels showing):

Here’s how it looked for the Handheld (4 large labels hidden, one small one showing):

Speaking of spaces in text gadgets… check out this post explaining how I got those spaces in the one smaller Text Area gadget.

Happy groovin’


Update: this trick will no longer be needed in 2.2, coming soon!!

Hallelujah! This trick didn’t really work for my use case. I had to create two different pages, one for desktop and one for mobile.

Did you get/try 2.2 yet? It’s now available on manage.groov.com

Just DL. Waiting for some down-time now to upgrade…

Where is the “Stash” area?

Where did you hear that “stash” term? That’s where we keep our mustaches, of course. :wink:

AKA the “non-viewable area” to the right of the regular drawing area. Check the box next to “Increase Height” at the bottom there in your Desktop & Tablet view to see all of it.

When would I use it?

I might want a really big font for my Group Header text for the Desktop & Tablet view (e.g. if this will be on a big TV in the factory):

While the same page in the “Handheld” view might be a little different:

Note that besides being non-viewable in View mode, any gadgets you may stashed there that read a value will not be scanned. They’re just chillin’, dude.

“Stash” term came from the OptoNews.

Yay! You get 22 points for reading OptoNews!

I preferred the term “Sand-Box”. How come it got changed? According to the Release Notes it is one of the enhancements of V2.2b of the groov App R2.2b, released on August 29th 2014, but I’m fighting the urge to upgrade from V2.2a.

groov App R2.2b
August 29, 2014

The Graph gadget is now called a Trend gadget.

The non-viewable area is now called the page stash.

I heard a variety of names before we came up with the Final Answer. I think “stash” won out because it was the most [I]groov[/I]-y. :wink:

Also, it works as both a noun and a verb.

There might’ve been an arm-wrestling match to determine the official name, but that could be rumor…