Had to reset Groov


I had a client call and said it stopped receiving email alerts from groov (you could log into the app and view everything though). The last time this happened I just logged onto to Groov Admin and rebooted the AR1 box. This time I reset the AR1 and then it never came back online. I can see there is a link to the cellular modem port, but I can’t log into the groov app or groov admin. Is there anything I can do besides driving 2 hours to manually reset this thing?



Some routers have a ping feature built in. Can you ping the groov Box from the router?


Yes, I can ping it through the modem’s interface.

Both groov app and admin won’t connect to the AR1 though.


I forgot I had a UPS on site and the Groov AR1 is plugged into an outlet that I can toggle on and off separately. I toggled the power and everything is back up and running.


Sounds like a nice feature, which UPS are you using?


APC BG500. I completely forgot about it on site. I remember I never got the port forward to work correctly when I install the system 2 years ago. Now I know how to do it correctly and just set it up to allow that port and then shut the port down after I toggled the power. Yeah, saved me 4 hours round trip.