Had to reset Groov

I had a client call and said it stopped receiving email alerts from groov (you could log into the app and view everything though). The last time this happened I just logged onto to Groov Admin and rebooted the AR1 box. This time I reset the AR1 and then it never came back online. I can see there is a link to the cellular modem port, but I can’t log into the groov app or groov admin. Is there anything I can do besides driving 2 hours to manually reset this thing?


Some routers have a ping feature built in. Can you ping the groov Box from the router?

Yes, I can ping it through the modem’s interface.

Both groov app and admin won’t connect to the AR1 though.

I forgot I had a UPS on site and the Groov AR1 is plugged into an outlet that I can toggle on and off separately. I toggled the power and everything is back up and running.

Sounds like a nice feature, which UPS are you using?

APC BG500. I completely forgot about it on site. I remember I never got the port forward to work correctly when I install the system 2 years ago. Now I know how to do it correctly and just set it up to allow that port and then shut the port down after I toggled the power. Yeah, saved me 4 hours round trip.

It seems this same Groov AR1 has shut down again. I toggled the power outlet to the onsite UPS and the AR1 doesn’t power up. Is there a way to wake it up?
I can read the power usage on that particular receptacle that the AR1 is plugged in and it reads 0.00 Watts. If the AR1 was off, would I still read some power usage?

I have yet to see an EPIC unit that would not power up when power is applied.
It almost sounds like the UPS is not turning on that socket (hence the 0.00 watts).
If the AR1 is off - at the power supply - it would not read any power.

So I had a guy go onsite and reboot the AR1. Groov lights up and I now have the UPS outlet has a current draw. Link lights are on but not really blinking. So I log onto the Cellular modem settings and try to ping the unit and it fails all 4 packets. Is it possible the AR1 can lose all it’s settings and program?

The guy is bringing it back with him (it is located in a town 60 miles away). Is there a master reset on the AR1?

The EPIC has a power loss file safe system. It can be turned off at any point and you will not lose any data.
There seems to be an issue with power at the site even thou its on a UPS, something is cycling power or keeping power off to the AR1.

Yes, there is a master reset, or more accurately, a factory reset… Use a paper clip in the reset hole for 10 seconds. It will restore the factory partition on the hard drive and put you back to an out of box state.

EDIT. I am an idiot. You said AR1 and I thought PR1. Groov box, not EPIC… my bad. Sorry for the noise.

It’s an AR1, so to reset it to factory defaults just turn it off, then hold down the power button for about 8 seconds. The SYS LED light will start blinking red and green. It’ll take a few minutes, then power off. Press the power button again to start it back up.

There’s extra detail in the groov AR-1 User’s Guide, form 2104.

great, thanks guys. I will try to make it work as is first. Then I’ll do a factory reset. I have the project and system settings backed up, so shouldn’t be too bad to bring this back to life. I have 3 identical systems within 3 miles of each other and this site is the only one I’ve had problems with Groov locking up and this problem currently. Will keep my eye on it.
Just a thought. If I reset to factory defaults, do I have to reactivate the license? …and will there be a problem if it is beyond its support date?

Not reactivate, just reapply the license to the AR1.
The factory reset will remove the license, so you just need to reinstall it.
Being beyond the support date should not be an issue, you just will not have any new updates.
Your manage.groov.com portal will have the latest files for your AR1.

Regarding the original power issue, we do not guarantee the AR1 to turn back on after a power fail, which is why we highly recommend using a UPS as you have done.

Sorry once again for confusing the PR1 with your AR1.

So I factory reset it. I type in the default host name and it doesn’t see it. I am using a crossover cable (used a patch cord too) directly to Eth0. Does it matter which Ethernet port you use? I’m gonna try once I get home cause maybe network settings at work are messing with me.

It should be Eth0 for a start, its probably picked up a link local address since your laptop probably is not handing out IP address (or running a DNS to resolve the host name to an IP address).
Can you run the little program groovfind.exe? That will give you the link local address and you can get it from there.

I was able to find my AR1 using groovfind.exe. on my home PC. Backup is loaded and everything looks good to go. Thanks guys.