GRV-ODCSRC-24 Turn-on and Turn-off Time

I don’t see the turn-on or turn-off time listed in in the specifications for the GRV-ODCSRC-24. Has anyone been able to run a square wave off this output card faster than 100Hz?

The card we had for our Snap-Pac system, the SNAP-ODC5SRC, could create a square wave at close to 1000Hz. Surprised to find the new card is an order of magnitude slower.

We have been working with Engineering for a few days trying to get a number here for you and to put in the docs.
But yes, it will be a lot slower (at this point).

It might be helpful to people migrating from PAC to Epic if we had a list of things that are “Different”.
I have been surprised by a few things I took for granted when migrating customers.


We have started (stress - started - its not the final word, but a solid start none the less) on such a doc.
You can download it from this webpage here;

If it generates some comments, we may split this thread and start a migration thread just for this doc and the ensuing conversion.