GRV-IDCI-12 Counting problem

Hi there,

I am experiencing a counting issue with the above mentioned module. I have contacted support but the reply was not satisfactory.

I am using the above mentioned module to count pulses from a flow meter counter. The unit is rated for 12VDC.
Please watch this video to see what I am experiencing:

The module STATE is reading each pulse correctly but the counter is not functioning as it should. The way I understand it is that each STATE ON should provide 1 count. You will notice the counter jumping a great deal more than the ON/OFF state of the module.

I am using a Bestobel counter that works perfectly in sync with the module STATE when ON and gives the exact same counts. However the module counter is jumping in counts between STATE ON reads.
The module firmware and EPIC firmware are all up to date.

Any ideas?

Does the pulse meter use a mechanical contact type pulse? - that may produce a lot of noise so the module “sees” more than a single pulse.

You may need to experiment with an RC circuit to get a cleaner pulse to the module.


To add to what @philip points to, please take 1-2 minutes and read this entire page.

It gives a very good quick overview on the subject of de-bouncing and how different software sees the problem differently.

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Thank you very much gentlemen.
I will have to dig further. Your knowledge is appreciated.

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