GRV - IDC - 24 Faulty channel

I have a few 24VDC digital input to the DI module channel. After energize 8-10hour, the channel will become faulty, means not getting reading in EPIC. I already change to another DI module and same module with diff channel but same problem persist. I suspect my wiring got problem but I already check and my DI reading is 24.08VDC. What cause faulty channel to occur? High current?

Which I/O module are you using, GRV-IDC-24 or GRV-IDCS-24

Both have a input range of 15-30VDC and need 2mA to work.

What is connected to your input channels?
How is it wired?
Are you checking in groov Manage for the status or in PAC Control/Codesys?

At page 9 of this document you will find the wiring diagram.

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