GRV-CCANI-2 and Codesys with J1939 External Device

I have a CAN J1939 device that I’d like to communicate with using the GRV-CCANI-2. I don 't see a lot of training on the CCANI-2 and have a few additional questions.

  1. Are there any additional licenses needed to support J1939 messaging on the CCANI-2? I currently only have a Codesys license but I noticed the Codesys store sells a few other CAN licenses and I wasn’t sure if any were required.

  2. I can get some basic messages off the device and into Codesys but I’m struggling with a message that is only sent from the device on request. I’m not sure how to write a command to request a message over J1939. Are there any examples available showing a message request being sent from the CCANI (or ECU in Codesys)?

For J1939, I know that you will need this CODESYS module - CODESYS J1939 Manager SL

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You can also find additional support on the Codesys Help-me site:
J1939 Help Site

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