Group Header Label Spacing

I want to space the label in a Group Header gadget so I can place the gadgets underneath them, kinda like a column heading. However when I add a bunch of spaces in the header label properties it doesn’t reflect in the label itself.

Any thoughts why this is and how to correct it?

Here’s my gadget: How can I space out the text?



This will help;

And this;

The forum search works pretty good :-]

EDIT: I am wrong. See below. (But leaving this here for future learning).

That probably won’t work for Group Headers.

Extra spaces don’t work because web browsers collapse all whitespace down to a single character. If you’re writing HTML directly, you can add a non-blocking space entity ( ), but that won’t work in groov. To protect from cross-site scripting attacks, we escape any user-entered input, so you can’t add HTML entities.

Your best bet here is probably to layer a few Line Headers on top of your Group Header; just turn off the underline. That’ll let you match spacing with your gadgets easily, and they’ll scale properly as you resize your browser window. Normal spaces wouldn’t do that.