groovView trends "loading" while numerical data updates regularly

I noticed that our groovEdge AR1 box SYS LED flashing continuously, we don’t use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. So, turned it off then unplugged the power AC adapter, count to ten, then reconnect and turn on the groovEdge AR1. It began working again after booting, I didn’t notice that the time and date reset to January 1, 1970. So, when I noticed event notifications time and date were January 1970 and noticed the trends “loading” instead of actually showing data I logged into to groovEdge AR1 as admin and corrected the time and date then issue went away, trends working properly. Just thought I would share this with other customers if they have a similar issue. Larry

Yeah, it’s a weird edge case that sort of makes sense, even if it’s annoying. Say you have a one month trend: the client side is saying “give me all the data from a month ago to today”, but when the server thinks it’s 1970, it doesn’t have any data to respond with.