Groovin on a Smart TV


Well wondering if anyone has utilize a Smart TV with Groov yet, and if there was any issues with the browser. Since our IT is corporate controlled, I keep them in the dark about most of our Controls stuff to keep them from screwing it up. When I set up Groov on our browsers (Firefox and Chrome, can’t use IE IT won’t let us update past IE9) I have to add exceptions for the certificate, then no issue.
Is the TV browser going to be an issue?



We’ve had many folks use a Smart TV + groov no problem. Of course, navigating w/the TVs remote, etc. can be a bit clunky and tedious, depending on the TV and the remote. I know some people have hooked up a small/cheap Android device w/HDMI so as to make that power-up process faster. (Some of those little Android devices have gotten so cheap!)

I’ve even used an also-cheap chromecast device to essentially use that TV as a giant monitor for my laptop. Lots of options depending on which IT and/or lame TV/remote control issues you most want to avoid!

If you’re shopping for one and want to try out groov to see how it looks on whatever browser they have on the TV, don’t forget about http[B]s[/B]:// - just log in with
username: [B]trial[/B]
password: [B]opto22 [/B]
and load groov on all the giant TVs at your local TV retailer! (If you did that and send us a picture of it, I’d happily send you lots of fun groov goodies!) :cool:



Could we connect a smart TV to the Groov directly with a crossover cable?


Yes! In fact you don’t even need a crossover cable (many/most modern Ethernet devices these days can sort that out for you).

I’d recommend trying the built-in browser on our demo (as mentioned above) because that’s probably the biggest wildcard.

But here’s what I did to hook the Samsung near me directly to my groov Box using a regular Ethernet cable, and some comments along the way:

  1. Found the network settings of the TV. Sadly, it apparently does EITHER wired OR wireless, so when I was connected to the groov Box directly, I couldn’t get on the internet. Boo hoo. Don’t know if other smart TVs are smarter. The default IP of the TV was (subnet, so…

  2. Set ETH1 IP on my groov Box to be one higher than that (same subnet).

  3. Found the built-in browser on the TV (pressed the “MORE” button on the remote, wished I had “MORE” button in other parts of my life, but I digress). Typed in the address (don’t forget the https!) with that clunky TV remote, before I noticed someone had conveniently plugged a nice keyboard and mouse into the TV via USB. Hope your TV has that option too.

When the scary security certificate warning popped up (because I’ve not yet installed a certificate on that box), I clicked “Access anyway” but the address disappeared. Boo hoo again. Hoping your smart TV is smarter on that too. Luckily, when I re-entered the URL, all was good.

Of course, TVs vary widely so the usual disclaimers apply. I hope you’ll share your experience here!

Here’s photos of the scary message + groov Box over direct connection, then over wireless via the internet:

Hope that helps!


p.s. Welcome to the OptoForums, mfox! Thanks for the excellent question.


Thank you for the information, that is perfect! We want to drive a monitor or TV directly with a non-PC device to show plant status. This would replace an old fashioned status board (with lights and painted graphics). A direct connection would allow us to avoid the network to maintain security, and the groov appliance is one less PC to maintain.

Having only the one network choice for the TV would further lock it down.


Anyone using an Intel NUC or or compute stick for groov?

As mentioned on this thread:

We have a few customers using a Raspberry Pi + TV with lame browser, but that’s a bit too wimpy for some applications…


Hi Mary ,
I’m using an intel stick, it’s a Bostick1aw32sc. It works great. I’ve got it plugged it into a 15" touchscreen monitor, runs office , I’ve got a couple of super trend charts and a couple of Pac Display pages. No problems. Love the price.