groovEpic Restart From Shell Command Line

Can you restart a groovEpic from the shell command line?

If so, is it the equivalent of pressing the “Restart” button in groovManage or turning the power switch off and back on?

Use the shutdown command:

 sudo shutdown -h
Usage:    shutdown [-akrhPHfFnc] [-t sec] time [warning message]
                  -a:      use /etc/shutdown.allow
                  -k:      don't really shutdown, only warn.
                  -r:      reboot after shutdown.
                  -h:      halt after shutdown.
                  -P:      halt action is to turn off power.
                  -H:      halt action is to just halt.
                  -f:      do a 'fast' reboot (skip fsck).
                  -F:      Force fsck on reboot.
                  -n:      do not go through "init" but go down real fast.
                  -c:      cancel a running shutdown.
                  -t secs: delay between warning and kill signal.
                  ** the "time" argument is mandatory! (try "now") **

sudo shutdown -r now

Will do the job.

All three are the same, the groov Manage menu option, the power switch and the shutdown command all do the same thing… well, the power switch does not reboot, its just off.