groovEpic PR1 to groovEpic PR1 Scratch Pad Setup

Setup: 2 groovEpic PR1 controllers

Controller A = Water Plant (

Controller B = Unit 2 (

Objective: Have Controller A Read data from Controller B’s Scratch Pad.

Configuring Controller B Scratch Pad:
I have the groovEpic’s local IO named Unit_01_Panel_01 set for Local (loopback)

Storing the data in Controller B’s Scratch Pad:
I have used this line of code:

stat_Write_Outputs_To_Scratch_Pad_Floats = SetIoUnitScratchPadFloatTable(Unit_01_Panel_01, 15, 452, 0, ft_Scratch_Pad_Float_Outputs);

Configuring Controller A to see Controller B’s Scratch Pad:
I created a Generic OptoMMP Device named Scratch_Pad_Unit_02_169_254_103_20 and assigned it the address of Controller B. (Does this need to be set for a Generic OptoMMP Device or should it be configured as a GRV-EPIC-PR1?)

Reading the data in Controller B’s Scratch Pad:
I have used this line of code:

stat_Get_Outputs_From_Scratch_Pad_Floats = GetIoUnitScratchPadFloatTable(Scratch_Pad_Unit_02_169_254_103_20,15,452,0,ft_Scratch_Pad_Float_Inputs);

Other than my question above does anything seem out of order?

Thank you

On unit 2, I would name the IO unit unit 2 (the one with the loop back). Unit 2 would be writing to its local scratchpad. Unit 1 is reading unit 2s scratchpad (the same scratchpad) using the generic MMP device. The way you have it will work, but shows that you may be missing something in your understanding of it (based on the name you gave it).

Yes, the Generic MMP is what you want. You can have it set as a PR1, but then you need to be careful and make sure both strategies have all the IO configured the same - best to avoid if not needed.


Got it.

Agree the strategy name and IO Unit names make it confusing.

Thanks for your help.