Groovepic not getting connected with Vi network

In India Vi is a renowned mobile service provider. When I am trying to use the hotspot through Vi network then I am unable to access groovepic at my machine. PFB the IP addresses- Hotspot’s IP address(at my laptop accessing this IP)-
IP address to access groovepic at my laptop-
When I am accessing at chrome then it throws internet timed out error message. Please suggest as to how to access groovepic at laptop through Vi hotspot

Welcome to the forums Gazalam.

I am not quite following where the hotspot is connected into your laptop and EPIC.

Here is what I have from your post:

I am not sure if the laptop is connected to Eth1 or Eth0.
And I am not sure where you have your Vi hotspot.

Please supply a little more information about where things are connected, what your EPIC network settings are and if you are using a VPN to connect over the Internet via the hotspot to the EPIC.

Hi Beno,
Thanks for your kind revert.
Laptop is connected over mobile hotspot(mobile service provider-Vi-Vodafone India). There is one Wifi router which is connected with the groov at Eth0.This router is used to push groov data to the cloud

Im guessing the the Vi network is using an internal VLAN.
The only way you will be able to connect to it is via VPN.

Setup a VPN server in the cloud, configure the EPIC and laptop with the VPN and you will be up and connected very smoothly.

TIP: OpenVPN provide a free plan of 3 devices, that will be enough for you to prove it out and the nice thing is that the OpenVPN provides the file that you can just drop into groov Manage since the EPIC and RIO are OpenVPN compatible.

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