Groovbox AR1 booting up continuous SYS LED blinking green

Last weekend out groovEdge AR1 restarted on it’s own (might of been a power outage even with a UPS battery backup) and the SYS LED was continuously blinking green. I looked up the potential causes, none applied. We don’t have a WiFi adapter installed, no Ignition or Node Red running, just a project. I thought restarting would do the trick, but it didn’t. By chance I shut it down, then disconnected the power supply, counted to 10, then plugged it back in and turned on the groov Edge box, it booted up this time. Wondering if you have other customers with similar experiences. Thanks, Larry

|groov Admin Version|1.570.51.54230|
|groov View Version|R4.4c (r68327) | August 23, 2022 9:17:08 PM PDT|
|Node-RED Update Version|6|
|Power-Loss Tolerant File System|Yes|
|Hardware Date|June 28, 2015|