Groov writing to a database

How would you go about having Groov write back to a database such as MS Access?

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Currently, [I]groov[/I] does not support a DIRECT connection to your database (yet! stay tuned!), but there are multiple other options – which one is best for you will depend on what else you have going on there.

Are you using an Opto 22 Controller? If so, you might want to use OptoDataLink, which is part of PAC Project Pro, or can be purchased separately if you don’t have Pro.

Are you using some non-Opto devices, perhaps via the KEPServerEX OPC UA server? If so, they have an ODBC driver which can move data in/out of a database for you.

Can you tell us a little more about your application/big picture?


Thanks OptoMary! Right now I’m still trying plan out all of the applications I would want to use groov for. I do have one more question though. When purchasing the KEPServerEX to use groov with a 3rd party device, which product do you purchase? They have hundreds of drivers for different devices, but what do you need to purchase in addition to the drivers?

Hi groovuser131 (love the username, BTW),

I’m no expert on Kepware products, but I know their drivers come in bundles/suites. I’m using the free trial where I installed the “Manufacturing Suite,” for example. [B]This page[/B] talks about the ODBC drive and how it’s included in that suite. I’ve heard [B][URL=“”]their service/support[/B] is excellent, I’m sure they’d be happy to help you sort out all the options on that end–they’ve been great to work with (both the people and products).

I hope you’ll tell us more about what you’re up to, sounds like a few different things? [I]groov[/I]y!