Groov with E/IP IO

Hi, from reading the documentation there is mention of Ethernet/IP. It seems its use case is for using Groov IO with an AB PLC.

I am looking to use Ethernet/IP IO with the Groov as the PLC.

In AB world I would either add an AOP or use a Generic Ethernet Module to add the IO to the project.

Can this be done with Groov?

Specifically, I am adding an SMC EX260 pneumatic manifold. There is no AOP, in AB I had this working via Generic Ethernet Module.

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There is no native Ethernet/IP support in groov Epic. Just in the SNAP PAC range.
You might be able to do something with Codesys… @greichert would know more about that option (if it even is an option).

Thanks for the reply and welcome :slight_smile:

OK, I will look into other options. Also, I sit corrected, there is an AOP for EX260 I was mis-remembering an EX600 I setup that is AOP’less… not that AOP or not helps me here :smiley:

You can use Codesys to be an EtherNET/IP Scanner or Adapter. To connect to the above mentioned SMC manifold, you only need to download the eds file from SMC website, and then install that into the device repository in Codesys. Then you can add it into the device tree, and map in your I/O.

Open the Device Repository

Select install, and navigate to the eds file for the manifold and Open.

using Codesys, you can add the device and map the I/O and use it within your program.

Here is the I/O mapping for the EX 260-SEN3


Great, thanks for this :slight_smile:

I have a method too to run via non-CodeSys.

You can use Ignition as a bridge. There is a 3rd party module by Automation Professionals which let’s you do the same as this, add a Scanner or Adapter. It costs yes, but is an option.

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Just to follow up,

If I am specifying new remote IO hardware (fieldbus based like the SMC EX260, JXC91, not just digital inputs/outputs)… what protocols play best with non-CodeSys Groov Epic?

I have used ModbusTCP with the Epic using the SDK, but Modbus has its’ issues for the more complicated projects (E.g. using Servo drives).

EtherCat? ProfiNet?

There is no ‘native’ support for those protocols. You might have to look at doing the same sort of thing as you mentioned in your previous post, using an Ignition module.