Groov View with Windows Embedded 7

I was wondering if anyone had any experience using Windows embedded compact 7 with Groov View?
I have a project that is using some panels we already have on hand (Advantec TPC-71W) with proprietary software that we need to replace and Windows compact embedded is available for them. I was hoping to use them for the web browser with Groov View.

Just to be clear, groov View does not run on the panels.
You are running groov server for Windows on a PC somewhere on the network, or on an EPIC on the network and the panels just connect to that server with their browsers.

As long as the browsers on the Windows Embedded are pretty modern and not IE 6, you should be fine, but its hard to know what browser it would be running, but Im sure you could look that up someplace. Microsoft should make it clear what browser engine the Embedded is running.

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Thanks Beno,

It will be running from an Epic PR2. Is there a maximum number of connections it will accept?
We have 22 panels that would be connected. I can split them and have 11 per controller since we have 2 Epic PR2’s on the system.

Depends on how busy your screens are.
22 is a good number for sure, but if your groov project only has a few screens with a sensible amount of gadgets on each screen and realistic trend update rates you should be Ok.
Splitting might make sense from a few other aspects, so its worth some thought for sure.