Groov View SMTP Issue

I am unable to send a test email in the groov view SMTP setup. I have tried many different combinations, such as a co-workers known working sender email/password,, different combinations of ports and connection security, but nothing has worked. Attached is a picture of my most recent try. Any help?

If you haven’t done this yet, to use google for sending mail you will need to create a specific app password.

See Sign in with app passwords - Google Account Help

If its the same error as the one in the screenshot all the time, looks like a gateway/DNS issue.
ie, the EPIC cant reach the mail server or resolve its IP from the host name.
You might need to review your network configuration on the EPIC and perhaps use the network tools in groov Manage to test connectivity to the hostname for the mail server.

Yep I realized this a couple minutes after posting and got it resolved just now. Thanks for the quick reply though!

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