Groov View - Scaling

Hi All,

I have an issue where I can make my Groov View page fit on a 1080p directly connected monitor, however if I open the same page in Chrome it not longer fits. If I resize the Chrome window to make it more narrow it then fits properly.

Would it be possible to check the viewport size and resize internally? I’d much rather have blank areas on either side of the page vs having to scroll when it comes to machine controls. So if the browser window height is shorter than the designed page size the width is shrunk to show all controls on one page?


By directly connected monitor here, do you mean a monitor connected to a GRV-EPIC? In that case, yeah it’s going to have more vertical viewport space than Chrome on a desktop due to the lack of window chrome.

Changing things to take the vertical viewport size into account when scaling isn’t likely to happen at this stage, because it’d probably break the layouts of a lot of other customers out in the wild.

If you’re interested, there’s a fairly comprehensive breakdown of how the scaling currently works here: Resizing Gadgets in Groov Build - #6 by Jonathan_Fischer