Groov view range indicator issues

What are the marker settings for? They don’t seem to change anything.

In horizontal mode you get a little square for the bar that normally goes all the way across.

It would also be nice to be able to make this widget smaller in height - it takes up a lot of screen real estate.

On groov Server for Windows 4.2a (can try it on an EPIC on Monday) they change the markers for me.

Here it is set up the same as you.

But only some combinations seem to make much of a difference.

And yes, smaller would be nice.

Tested on EPIC Firmware 2.0. groov View 2.4b.
Works as expected.
The range of the gadget sets the max scale, then the custom markers set the marker value and span.

There is a rendering issue though: the background doesn’t get drawn all the way across in horizontal mode. It’s fixed in the next upcoming release.

I did more testing. The marker settings don’t work when “Show Value as” is set to percent. The min max settings are ignored as well - they will always show 0 to 100 - and it is conceivable that someone may want % to display more than 100.

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