Groov View: Possible to increase width?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to increase width of web page of groov View?
I want to show illustration of data coming from left to right.

Thank you.

groov View uses SVG, scalable vector graphics, this means that groov will scale to suit the screen size.
You can see this by resizing your browser window, notice as you grab a corner and move/drag it you can see groov scale everything (beautifully if I might add)… Text, images, video, gauges, everything will resize to fit the size of the screen.

So, to answer your question, is is possible to increase the width of the web page, yes, just get a HIGHER resolution monitor, sounds like you need a 16:9 ratio monitor, they are wide screen and should show your entire illustration.

If you’re trying to to make the pages scroll horizontally: no, we can’t do that at the moment.

I will keep both in mind.

Yes scroll horizontally, similar to scroll vertically.
I am trying to show the production line. The SVG graphic has its minimum size, so I can only fit enough. Maybe in the future, if we have higher resolution screen, I can test. We have one 42" touch display coming, it is 1080p though.