Groov View Page Navigation Button

When I add visibility to a page navigator button in groov view, the button become unable to work although the visibility function work well but the button can’t be click anymore, anyone have some solution for this issue? thank you.

That issue should have been fixed in groov View R4.3c / GRV-EPIC-PR1 3.2.1. What version of the software are you running?

Okay. Thx for the information. My software version running now is r4.3a.

When you switch to build mode… Do you get a little pop up in the top right corner of your browser saying ‘Update Available’?
That’s a check of versions. If the one you are running is less than the current, you get that popup to help you know that you are not running the latest version.

If it’s a GRV-EPIC device, he won’t get that popup. For one reason or another that functionality hasn’t been updated for GRV yet.

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Far out. I love that in all this time, I never noticed!

Ya true, my grv-epic device does not show any update available in build mode. I guess that due to the firmware of my grv-epic device is 3.1.0-b.14 which using a older groov view version r4.3a.

Everyone at Opto works really hard to give you all the information we can about each firmware updates, what it includes and what bug fixes it covers.
You can always read the notes without having to download the firmware:

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