Groov view page access via passcode

Is there a way to restrict access to certain pages via passcode?
Like Pac Display?
I couldn’t find an answer for this in the groov view user guide.

Have you looked into users and groups?
You can have each user see a subset of pages for any groov Project.
We have many OEMs that have one groov server and each customer logs in and they can only see their pages, none of the other customers pages.

I think that sounds like what you are wanting to do?

thanks, I kinda saw that is just that it should be more efficient, lest say if you can use a page navigator button, press it, be promp to enter a pin and then navigate to that page, when you are done just navigate to a different page that doesn’t require a pin (operator page) and all go back to normal, basically every time you want to navigate to that pin protected page you have to enter the correct pin.

I figured out within groov view, I’m sure it can be done by other means too.
I used a combination of Page navigator, Computed Tag, Auto navigator tag, Text box gadget, command button. No need to change the user, the Operator has access to his pages, the Technician navigates to his pages upon entering the correct Pin number, and so the Supervisor works flawlessly and very efficient since there is no need to log out and into a different user to access restricted pages.

Note: those pages will still be accessible, regardless of whether the user knows the correct PIN number. It’s a web page with a URL: all they need to know is the URL.

I forgot to mention, all our machines are within a specific network, with access to autorized devices only.
all information generated is exported out of this network to be consumed by others in other networks.

Regardless: if a browser is signed into groov View with an account that has access to a page, you can get to that page without jumping through hoops any hoops. They can change the URL, or if someone else has been on the page recently, just hit the back button a few times.

If you’re trying to protect pages, using accounts to limit access is the only safe way to go.