Groov View Logs Trend Error

I was hoping someone could provide info on the error I’m getting below regarding TrendGadget error?

The logs for Groov View and showing nothing but TrendGadget errors every 5 or so seconds. There are no trend gadgets showing issues in Groov View itself, just in the log. Everything seems to be operating as normal. If it’s nothing to worry about then that’s fine, however I was looking through the logs and noticed it.

As far as I can see in the groov view log, this is the only error.

Saw this post come in last night and I poked around a bit at some groov View projects and I cant see anything like this in their logs.

Lets ping @Jonathan_Fischer and see if he can shed some light.

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It means I need to revisit the state machine that updates those trends. As long as everything is working ok you should be fine. There may be one series on one trend that isn’t updating though and you just haven’t noticed.

How many separate clients (e.g. browsers on different machines) are viewing your groov View instance? It may be that one of them is showing an error and just needs to have the page refreshed.

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