Groov View Login Twice

Im wondering if anybody else has noticed the following:

Every time I want to login into the epic from my PC, using google chrome, the first time I attempt login, it keeps loading, and after a while, I just hit reload button, second time I place username and password, it logins fine.

It has become "normal’ for me, so I just keep reloading the page after the first login attempt and I don’t loose much time.

Is there anyone else experiencing something similar? it happens both when logging in into the IP address, or the hostname, it also happens on both Eth0 and Eth1


I have logged into a LOT of EPICs (and RIOs) and have never seen anything like what you describe.

Sounds a lot like a browser cache issue.

Please open a private or incognito browser session and see how that goes.
If, as I suspect, it works fine, then you may need to go into your browser settings and privacy and forget the URL of the EPIC.