Groov View Local I/O Scan Interval not updating

Hi Team, was hoping someone could provide insight on why Groov View will not let me update the scan interval time for Local I/O? It’s giving me error 500.

Does it work Ok at 1 second?
If so, what version firmware so I can check things here?

http 500 erros are a bit of catch all for server errors, so there is not much we can glean from that error.

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I can reproduce that error on my device; it looks like an issue the code that automatically creates that Local I/O Unit device. You can probably work around it by changing the device’s address to localhost.localdomain; it should still work, but it’ll fool the code that’s breaking. You can update the other fields after that.

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I’m actually changing it to scan at a higher interval rate, somewhere in between 1 and 2. I will give that domain trick a try.

UPDATE: I tried that but it did not work. Just gave me an error in the status Column. I changed it to localhost.x.x.x.x (local IP address).

Is it working at the higher scan rate when you use an IP address?