Groov View Layering

I’ve been having an issue with Groov View and the layering system.

Basically, sometimes sending a gadget to back or front will cause other gadgets to change their layer also. Sometimes it doesn’t appear until after I save, and then when the page is reloaded the layering will be messed up.

I haven’t been able to find a rhyme or reason why this occurs

Laying was tweaked in the latest version.
What version are you running and on what platform?

System Version: 3.3.3-b.192
groov version B4.3h (r66036)

Sometimes, just dragging the gadget out and back in will fix it. Other times, I have to send everything underneath to back and place the gadget on top again.



When you can, update to 3.4 to get these groov View bug fixes.

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Thanks for this. Guess I need to keep up with the firmware notes a little better!

No problem.
We try and do 1 a quarter or so, but they can be hard to keep on top of sometimes. I try and announce them in the forums here, so that gives you a bit of a heads up as well.
We also know they are a ~20-30 minute process… we are working on improving that…