Groov View ios app refresh / stand alone capability

I’m working on figuring out the best way to use an iPad to operate with groov. This will be setup like a kiosk with very little user interaction (they are using mostly to see the status of their equipment - if all is well, there will be no touching it).

If I use the groov View app, will it eventual refresh if there are layout changes in groov build without the end user having to do something?

Will the groov app stay logged in and working for weeks/months at a time?

I was also looking on IOS kiosk apps that can load a web page and have an inactivity refresh that will reload the page - which would be perfect, BUT the self signed cert is causing fits and I don’t want to have to have the users login (ever) - it just needs to launch and work.

It should.

There are updates for both the groov iOS app and groov that should help with both in the works.
(No, no dates yet).

How long does it typically take for the browser to receive the layout update? (I supposed I could just test this) Or do you mean this is something it will support in the future?

It’s coming in a future update (I am testing an alpha version now).
It takes about 2-5 seconds. And I have to add, its very cool… Working in build on the PC and having iOS (or another browser) in view and you hit save in Build and it auto refreshes View and you can see your change.

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Sweet, we need that. So… when??? :stuck_out_tongue: