Groov View HTTP GET Requests

Hello all,

We have started using groov view and have ported most of our controls over from Node-RED, all except our Denkovi Module controls which utilise secure http endpoints to control the i/o onboard. My question is; how can this be achieved through groov view? I’ve had a look through the devices and tags section, and I can’t find any appropriate locations to add external controllers or figure out how to make a button run a script or make a get request to an endpoint.

Has anyones done this before, and is it possible within Groov view? do we have to use MQTT, if so, how would I go about this too?

There is no built-in tool for HTTP requests with groov View, so you will need something external to make the request and feed the data to groov some other way.
The two main ways would be an HTTP request in Node-RED connected to a groov View data store node, if you can have just a portion of your application running in NR, or feed it through the scratchpad.

Hi Terry, that worked great! thank you!

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