Groov View: Get rid of space top border


From groov Demo:


That gap is always present: it’s there on the demo site as well, you’ve just scrolled the page down a bit.

Very specifically: if the menu bar is fixed at the top of the screen (in your project settings), we apply a 70 pixel padding to the top of the document body to make sure that no page content appears beneath the menu bar by default. If the menu bar is not fixed to the top of the screen, it naturally takes up 50 pixels on its own and has a 20 pixel margin beneath it, again to make sure nothing overlaps it.

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I see what you mean by freezing the caption bar in settings.
if enabled, caption stays visible.
if disabled, caption may not be visible when scrolled.

But still, using groov demo on groov server demo. The pixel space is thinner. And it is not because the page is scrolled down a bit.

It is good to know that pixel space is something you can edit on your end.
Hope we could edit it… i intend it for Tabs for page navigation, but it doesn’t look like a tab with the space.


I also want to know if this is an isolated case only on my browser, or this is what everybody experience.

Thank you.

All of the pages on have that gap for me:

It’s not something you can tweak.

I see. probably because I am comparing to a trial version of groov server, in which where I have the demo running…

Hope its not just me: it looks neat with a narrow top spacing.

Thank you.