Groov view for android beta feedback

In case any developers are watching this I wanted to provide feedback on yesterdays beta build.
On my phone it seems to have solved the problem. I am asking some of my people to also test it.
Wish we could communicate more effectively over things like this. I have had customers calling me about it for 2 weeks and until my phone loaded the February production release a couple days ago I didn’t know what they were talking about. Lack of effective communication resulted in unnecessary frustration and troubleshooting costs. I always check the KB whenever a new issue arises. Would like to have seen this posted there when it was first noticed, not 6 months later :wink:

Yeah, Google is renown for that. They just change stuff and change stuff and break stuff. Its hard to get any facts out of them.

Thanks Beno, I want to make sure I understand, your saying the build Opto made in February was Googles issue?? I am referring to the groov view build from last month, not an android OS update.

How do you get the beta build?

Since I saw nothing in the KB I went to the ftp site and stumbled on it.

Here is roughly how it unfolded.
groov View 3.0 was released around March 2018 with a few bug fixes and new features.

groov View 3.01 was released around late Jan 2019 with an icon update to bring it in line with the rest of the PAC Project and groov Icons. That was the ONLY change. The icon. It passed QA and was released.

Google silently changed certificate warnings to errors around who knows when exactly. Looks like some time in February.
This change caused groov View to choke on connecting as the new certificate errors were unable to be handled correctly.
Had Google communicated with us, we would have been able to anticipate the change and be ready for it rather than finding out when they broke our app (And it looks like some Chrome browsers on PC’s are also having some issues with some https websites with the same change).

The new app is currently going through QA and will be uploaded to both the Apple and Google App stores when its ready.

I don’t have all the details here, but how is not properly handling certificate errors Googles fault? Couldn’t that be tested by QA?

Not accusing, just curious.

Google changed how certs are handled, we changed groov View to match.
It has now gone through QA testing.

I’m not blaming anyone, I’m just trying to point out that we have done our best to respond to a change.
We cant ‘communicate’ ahead of time a breaking change that we are not told about.

EDIT. Here is the KB on this issue;

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Interesting, when I look in the KB’s they seem to be listed by date posted. On my browser I am not seeing that one. It could be that the date is not correct and it is buried somewhere much farther down. In any case it is not there when you try to look at recent events… I appreciate all you do for us, so please don’t take my initial comment as criticism. I was simply wanting to see it in the KB if it was known.
Thanks again!