Groov View Drawings and Things

Good afternoon.
I’m still using the Trial Version of Groov View.
I’m trying to build an Overview of our Facilities to illustrate machine state and data.
I’m wondering if there is more drawing tools in the full version of Groov View. I find I’m very limited in drawing simple objects. I can import images, but I don’t have an option to draw for example a line or a line that is on a diagonal. I don’t really see an option to draw anything. I can place a Rectangle or an Oval. That is about it.

I’m guessing that most of you folks would use a separate piece of software to make your layout drawings and then import the images as backgrounds or something like that if the functionality doesn’t exist in the full version either?

Thank you

Correct. groov View is not a drawing tool. Its an industrial HMI, so as you have found, we all use something like Inkscape (open source cross platform) to draw our SVG (scalable vector graphic) images and then bring them in as needed.

Note, you don’t have to use Inkscape and of course it comes with its own learning curve, so you need to balance how much time you want to spend making a groov View screen look pretty vs functional.
Have you looked at demo.groov much? It shows the different types of screens that can be built using mostly just images or native groov gadgets. You might get some ideas from it on how to find the ballance.

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The full version is no different in anyway or function from the trial version. All the drivers, tools, devices, trends etc are exactly the same. The full version just removes the 2 hour timeout.

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Hi @kkeddy! Also worth noting if you are looking for something that isn’t native to groov View, we have a great library of online images that you can use and customize, including a little drawing tool - Opto22 - Resources & Tools

There’s a little drawing pad there as well. For more info on how to use, check out this video -

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Do you have the overview in another graphics package that might be able to simply export the view you want as SVG?

Thank you for the reply.
I have looked at the GroovDemo. It’s awesome. I will go back to look at it again from an HMI perspective. I’ve been doing a lot with the trending and displaying plant metrics etc. and I now want to make a nicer looking Overview page. It’s a massive amount of equipment and production line to draw, so Ill defiantly be looking into another software for that. It doesn’t have to be detailed, but I do want t somewhat representative of our product flow and process.

So in summary. If I understand you correctly. The Groov View (Trial Version) I’m using now looks and functions just as it will when I move to the RIO or EPIC and run GroovView.

Thank you!

That’s right @kkeddy! Keep this in mind as well: groov View is compatible with groov RIO’s I/O and Memory Map, but it only runs on EPIC processors or your Windows PC (groov Server for Windows). We didn’t want to overload the RIO’s single core processor.

Just keep in mind what @gerhardK mentioned, the RIO does not have groov View built in.
Just groov EPIC and groov Server for Windows are you two groov View options.

Correct. Just the two hour timeout is removed.

The thing is that really cool about that is you can build everything in the trial mode and just either backup that project and restore to a new Windows/EPIC or just put a license on the computer and you are free of that two hour limit don’t have to make a single change to your entire project you are building.

Just keep in mind what @gerhardK mentioned, the RIO does not have groov View built in.
Just groov EPIC and groov Server for Windows are you two groov View options.

Oh… I misunderstood this.
So then in RIO, is it safe to say you would use the Ignition to do Dashboarding and Overviews

I have not used Ignition on RIO all that much, due to its smaller size and CPU I have been using the Node-RED dashboard since the requirements are usually a LOT smaller given its 10 I/O points… But @greichert might have some words of wisdom about using Ignition dashboard on RIO.

I have Node-Red Dashboards. OK, but not what we are looking for.
I was so pumped about this perfect little RIO controller that could run its own HMI software as in all my years as an Automation Tech, that’s all I wanted. Looking now at the EPIC, but by the time I add all the needed stuff, the cost creeps up more than we were hoping to see. Disappointment, LOL.
I can use Server Edition, but then I need to buy a PC, go through I.T., Etc… I’m already running sometimes at 100% CPU usage on this little consumer grade PC unit I’m using to poll all these PLCs and run Groov Server.
Trying to keep costs low but functionality high. I’ll have to try to make a case for an Epic.
Thank you for pointing this out.

If you do go with the EPIC, keep in mind we have the multi-function module (same I/O layout as the RIO) but in a rack-mounted configuration - Opto22 - GRV-MM1001-10 - 8 multifunction, mixed signal channels; 2 form C electromechanical relay output channels

Yes, the overall system will be more expensive, but you will have a lot more processing power and expandability.

I wonder if you have seen this thread here? Just start at the top and don’t read every post, but just get a feel for how it went down… (It kicks into gear on your comment about 7 posts in).

We had another person sort of comment along the same way… They had given up on Node-RED thinking it could not be done, they were a bit blown away by what can be done in Node-RED a RIO… Once I spent a minute or twenty ‘duplicating’ what they had in mind, it really changed their point of view.

I guess my point is, if you want to describe why its not what you are looking for, we might agree, or feel a bit of a challenge coming on like what happen in that thread…

I looked at the thread and I see yes, the Node Red is ok for things like your PID controller. That looks really good. I find is so limiting with the size of the windows, trend functions and graphics. When I stared using Groov View, 10 minutes and I had trends that function perfectly, any size I want, the data I need, looked good. (I’m importing 3D machine Images Now) The one that really impressed, was the ability to download the CSV from any trend on the screen. I can give managers the ability to print their own data without coming in every day to emails asking me to send them this and that data. Thats exciting.

Not to mention the overall look. Groov view is nice and presentable, Node Red UI looks dull and old to me.

It’s perfect for presenting the data, but I want the overview page to be flashy and look good as there will be a lot of eyes on this once it’s completed for the big unveiling. New Facility expansion… Typically cost isn’t an issue for something like this. I would just buy what I want. However, the big guys here are all Rockwell people. They don’t use it themselves but have a brand loyalty. I’m trying to push Groov in as I’m very bored with what Rockwell has to offer for HMI/SCADA and If I need to spend a ton on this, at least until I can prove it, they will force my hand.

Perhaps I’ll get the Groov Server for this project and get a RIO for another project as I really want to get my hands on some of the Groov controllers to experiment with.

Sorry for the time spent reading that thread. It was never my intent to even remotely suggest that Node-RED running on a RIO could do what groov View does (it can do things groov View cant and groov View can do things Node-RED cant, they each have their place).

It sounds like you could really benefit from attending one of our four-day groov EPIC System Premium Factory Training classes both so you can get a better feel for the full range of tools that the groov family provides and so the application engineers here can better understand your goals.

No time wasted at all. Reading these posts is how I figure this stuff out.
As for the training, I would absolutely LOVE to attend a training class. However, it’s tough with all the job/family responsibilities. This isn’t next door. I’m in Nova Scotia. Besides, I’m not much of a traveler. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve travelled anywhere. LOL. If there were an opportunity to do a remote training session, I would take that.

Thank you

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