Groov View Command Button Images Breaking

I’ve been doing small modification to my groov View page and Pac Strategy. I have a display in the facility that updates when I save my groov build modifications. However, as I’ve modified things, the images stored in the command buttons gradually start showing broken links instead of their linked image. Only the command button images break, the rest of the images I have on the screen remain intact.

Exiting out of my chrome browser and starting a new session fixes the issue, but a simple refresh of the browser does not.

Has anyone else had this issue? While somewhat minor, it’s a nuisance to worth through a handful of computers (often in kiosk mode) and restart the browsers every few saves I do.

I haven’t seen that, I’ll take a look into it. We’re supposed to send over details for any image used on the page when the page is loaded, but it looks like we’re missing them for command buttons here.