Groov View App - not installing



Good day,

Latest challenge with Groov View, acquired a new device to experiment with.

Sunmi T2 Lite, Android 7.1.

Trying to install from Google play store, no joy, does not recognise the device

Downloaded the apk, starts installation then tells me “Did not install”

Is there a way to get Groov view to run on this device ?

Browser, naturally works but this is not they way I would like to go.

Kind Regards

I haven’t run into that, sorry. I don’t have any experience with point-of-sale terminals. Does anything from the Google Play store install?

groov View app mostly just wraps the browser in a full screen.
Are you able to run the 'droid in kiosk mode, they will often hide the browser from the end user?
Also for older devices like yours there are some other full screen web browser apps you might want to try and dig up and test.

Ok, research after the action. So the device has a OS built on the Android 7, managed through the supplier portal and account. Their version of Apple Store.

Have progressed to this point.

I have been advised that through the cloud management portal one can enable Google Play Services for the device and will quite possibly be able to install once this has been done.

Will update thread once I get there.

Best Regards