Groov View App in IOS 14.2 Not Working

Groov View App in IOS 14.2 is not working (at least on the iPhone).
Has anyone else experienced this ?

Of course I found out while presenting to a customer last Monday (after my phone updated over the weekend) It was working prior to 14.2.

Groov View works in Safari but the App is what we typically have our customers use.

Thanks for letting us know Lou, we are looking into it.

It launches and connects on iOS 14.2 for me, using both an iPhone SE and an iPad Pro.

Does it launch at all? Or launch but fail to connect?

Using an iPhone X.
When you select the groov View app it come up on the screen then blanks out (back to home screen).
If you up swipe you can see Groov View running but when selected it starts then we get kicked back to home screen. Basically it will not let you get far enough to select a connection.

Prior to 14.2 it worked and I have restarted the phone since 14.2.

Lou, just heard from another iPhone user here at Opto and everything is working for him as well.
(But we are still kicking at it).

iOS version 14.2.1

groov EPIC version 3.0.0-b.62

groov View version R4.2d (r61732)

Do you recall when you downloaded the app? I saw a similar crash on iOS 14 while testing groov View against the GM release, but it went away with a freshly downloaded copy of the app.

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App was loaded a few years ago (its an iPhone X) and would have been been updated (if updates were available). Interesting to note that my iOS version is 14.2 not 14.2.1 and I get the Software is Up to Date when I check.

Just OFFLOADED (which will not remove the data for the App) and Reinstalled the App and it is now working. Thanks for the suggestion.

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14.2.1 is only available for the iPhones 12, everything else is at 14.2.