Groov View App (Android, Play Store)

I am having an issue with the groov View app on the Play Store (Android).

I haven’t ever used it before, but figured it may be more convenient than just using Chrome to connect.

Whenever I connect to an IP address, I get the red spinning circle for a few seconds and then just a blank white screen indefinitely.

I’ve tried 2 different EPICs running 2 different firmware with the same result, one running 2.0.2-b.139, the other on 3.4.1-b.78.

Samsung tablet is on Android Version 12, app from play store is Version 3.05

I’ve heard from one other person running into the same issue. Don’t have a solution yet, unfortunately; I’d recommend just using Chrome for now.

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Gotcha. It’s just an android thing, app works fine on my iPhone