Groov View and MODBUS TCP to Mitsubishi FR-e820

Has anyone successfully connected to a Mitsubishi FR-e820 vfd drive, I have been fighting with it to no success. we control the drive via I/O but there is no analog out so i want to poll the registers, I set the drive up so and when i set it up in Groov View and ask for the 6 registers I fail to connect.

Just wondering if anyone has done this ??

Have you verifed the byte orders and connection properties with a tool like Modbus poll?
We usually do that first then use what we learned in the groov.

@DB_Digital Not sure on the exact model of our Mitsi VFD, but it definitely works via Node-RED modbus read. See below where I am grabbing Hz, amps, volts, and an alarm code.


Thanks Norm, I was trying but the whole issue was the ID NUMBER of the drive,
It was 255 , I saw that in Grant’s screen shots and gave it a try and it worked, I am still however trying to find what register numbers are for what, the manual is poor at best.