Groov View 4.2c Maintance update released

groov View 4.2c has just been released for groov Box AR1 and groov Server for Windows.
You can download it from your portal as usual.

We are working on groov EPIC 3.0 firmware and groov View will get an update in there, so just hang in there for that one.

When you change the time zone on a groov Edge Appliance (groov Box AR1), the change will
be reflected in groov View within about a minute.

Invisible gadgets load only when made visible
groov View now checks whether a gadget is invisible at the time it loads a page. If
the gadget is set to be invisible, groov View does not display it. This may help
groov View load pages faster. When the value of the gadget’s tag (used to set the
gadget’s visibility) is set to true, then groov View displays the gadget.

Bug Fixes
• KB88783 – Level Indicator in vertical orientation is shorter than before
• KB88755 – Trend-pen legend text is displayed in the wrong color
• KB88788 – Hover title for tags in the gadget properties panel is missing
• KB88791 - Clearing a Text Area gadget’s text doesn’t work
• KB88809 - Conditional formatting inputs may not allow decimal values
• KB88815 - Cannot connect directly to groov View using port forwarding
• KB88841 - Conditional formatting on gadgets with a Boolean tag display
incorrect formatting
• KB88868 - Level Indicator gadget label is not updated as you edit it
• KB88869 - Range Indicator gadgets show incorrect border around the fill range
• KB88875 - Can’t import pages with Oval, Rectangle, Text Area, or Value gadgets
• KB88927 - All groov View gadgets connected to the same OPC UA scanner show
yellow triangles
• KB88928 – OPC UA servers may return UnsignedByte values when Byte values are
• KB88974 - After PAC Control strategy is updated, groov View reports tags not
• KB88979 - Hidden gadgets prevent mouse actions for gadgets lying underneath
• KB89044 - groov View reports “This gadget does not have a properly configured
tag” for some OPC UA array tags
• KB89054 - The OPC UA tag browser allows you to assign unsupported tags to
• KB89112 - “Cannot Browse” error when browsing though tags from CODESYS
• KB89169 - Square Wave A (1 sec on/off) on Data Simulator does not turn on
• KB89188 – Time out error (504) when backing up large groov View project to